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Two women who are members of a central Florida heart support group laughing together

Group Support. Reliable Resources. Strong Hearts.

Facing a heart condition is no easy feat. But you don’t have to go it alone. With partnerships, support groups, a caring community, and a comprehensive care plan, we’re here to heal you — body, mind, and spirit.

Peers teaching each other about nutritional counseling

Hope For Heart Patients

For over 65 years, Mended Hearts has been offering education, resources, and peer-to-peer support to families, patients, and caregivers. Join a local chapter of this national nonprofit and find a lifelong community and a safe space.

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Women working out as part of her cardiac surgery aftercare

Heart and Lung Rehabilitation Centered Around You

Feeling whole after treatment takes time. That’s why our certified specialists work with you to design a whole-person care plan. From lifestyle management to guided exercise programs and therapies, we’re committed to your full recovery.

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Couple laughing with a heart balloon

Stay Supported. Stay Strong.

Transitioning and getting back into a routine after treatment is everything. That’s why our team of nurses, dietitians, social workers, and other specialists is here for you, offering multidisciplinary care to keep you healthier, longer. Through the Heart Success Center, we help you safely adjust from the hospital back to home life.

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Patient discussing treatment options with health professional

Cardiac Care For The Community

Compassionate care is at the heart of our mission. Through the Trina Hidalgo Heart Care Center, we work hard to provide our heart patients with effective medical treatment despite their financial challenges. With the help of private donors, we provide access to medication assistance, community resources, and vital follow-up care for those without income or health insurance.

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A couple at a picnic holding hands and eating fruit to promote a healthy diet

Support With Every Breath

A strong community encourages a strong heart. From connecting you with others through our cardiac support groups to helping you navigate our financial assistance tools, we’re here to give you the guidance you need to feel whole.

Connect With Your Local PH Support Group