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Stronger, Better Heart Health

It’s tough to break old habits. Healthy living is typically easier said than done. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our partnership with the American Heart Association helps you achieve your heart health goals one step at a time. Get started with these tips from our Assistant Vice President and registered nurse, Kim Bell. 

Stop Smoking

Kim shares her first tip: stop smoking. When you smoke, your blood vessels constrict, adding pressure to your heart. This can lead to a heart attack.


Get More Sleep

Rest is essential for a healthy heart. In this video, Kim gives you tips on how to plan for bedtime with a calming routine to help you get a peaceful night’s sleep.


Know Your Numbers

Having access to your cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar helps your doctor evaluate your risk for heart disease. Kim shares why knowing your numbers is necessary.


Today’s Featured Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Healthy habits are the hallmark of a strong heart. A nutritious diet and regular exercise can help keep your overall health in check. Incorporate these steps into your daily life for long-term cardiovascular benefits.

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How Physical Activity Strengthens Your Heart

Being active significantly improves your overall cardiovascular health. All it takes is at least 30 minutes a day of moving your body and burning some calories. The good news: you get to choose the activity.

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How To Lower The Pressure On Your Heart

Stress is hard on your heart. How you react to life’s ups and downs can seriously affect your risk for heart disease. Learn what you can do to gain control.

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A Valuable Resource

The American Heart Association has more great articles just for you. From lifestyle recommendations to recipes, find all the tips you need to decrease your risk for heart disease. Click on a link to visit their site.

Take Action To Control Stress

Work Out At Work

Heart Healthy Recipes

Sodium Tracker

My Life Check Assessment

Get Active

Women running outside for a 5K

Partnerships Strengthen Community

Our collaboration with the American Heart Association lets us share our mission with our neighbors. Stay informed and supported with lifestyle recommendations, quick videos, articles, and free events in your community.

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